Thursday, 15 December 2011

NEWS ITEM. BRAZIL EP. Poetry, photographs, vinyl records and Elijah Wood.

Hello there much neglected blog, I have some relevant information to impart.

BRAZIL EP, after much time maturing in a metaphorical oak-barrel, is finally seeping into existence. The digital number-swirl-MP3s have been packeting around the internet for a few weeks already, and by now the fully-real physical manifestations should be sitting in the racks and shelves of your local specialist music store. I urge you to buy the vinyl. URGE. URGE. OK?

here is some relevant information about this release;

- new 'slow' version of Brazil, a club-tempo mix of the track for DJs who want people to dance in circles
- old 'album' version of Brazil, a strange song of unknown powers, designed by a blue magician high with the energy of future duct-flow particles, playable by DJs who want people to stand still and then dance in triangles
- GOLD PANDA remix, a talented man who is very nice and who is welcome in my house for a cup of tea any day
- ETIENNE JAUMET remix, a shaman of modern synth music who oozes awesomeness from his hands
- Grumble, a new track I did, it features a bass-line, it has a bit where it slows down, deep within it is the sound of child saying the word 'balloon'



There is a video for Brazil, that's right, a VIDEO. The VIDEO was made by me and two other people. One of the other people is Katherine Mager, she did all of the camera work and she also did thinking about the video before it was made, she is a photographer usually and this is her first video, she has a fine eye for interesting things to look at. And the other one of the people is Sam Riviere, he did all of the writing for the text that is in the video, he is a poet and a very nice man, he would probably do a better blog post than this if he was in charge of the LUKEABBOTTMUSIC blog, but he's not and I am, so you're stuck with me prattling on with these stupidly long sentences not knowing when to finish saying something, using too many commas, deconstructing grammar into a conversational tone and writing URGE in unexpected places as some kind of callback to an earlier part of the blog post. I also did some stuff for the video, editing and thinking and stuff.

Here is a link to watch the video on Vimeo, where you will find a lot of other visual entertainment that features my music.

..and it's on youtube also, here is that link.

Watch it full-screen in HD with the sound up and your glasses on.

And finally, Elijah Wood of cinematic fame has made his bid in the race to become my most high profile fan. Don't you worry, I love everyone equally, there's no favouritism in my house. But having said that, why not take a leaf out of Elijah's book and get really famous and help me sell some record yeah?