Monday, 19 December 2011

an MP3

ME: Hello. As if the original version, slow version, Gold Panda remix, ETIENNE JAUMET remix AND that video weren't enough, there is yet another version of that track 'Brazil' for you to listen to.

YOU: Oh, thanks. I'll... er... I'll listen to it later.

ME: Yeah, I understand, it's all been quite overwhelming hasn't it, all this coming at you just before christmas. You must have a lot of shopping and cooking and stuff like that on your mind.

YOU: Yeah I do! It's horrible, I wish we could just have a good old fashioned Pagan winter solstice festival and burn shit for twelve days while drinking ale and fucking in animal costumes.

ME: Tell me about it, Christianity and television have really taken the fun out of our seasonal party schedule.

YOU: What's this new version of Brazil about anyway?

ME: Well, it's a live jam of the track I did in my studio, recorded on to good old fashioned tape cassette. If you like, you can use it as the sound track to your own Yuletide debauchery.

YOU: Good idea, I'll put it on my iPod and grab my badger costume.