Tuesday, 15 April 2008

i got slapped by the owl box

at the weekend we had a party because it was Kat's birthday..  my friend John got really drunk, he is wonderful when he is drunk... he's lovely when he's sober too, but when he's drunk he becomes strangely competitive, violent and very apologetic.  He challenged me to a ferocious game of thumb-war which somehow ended in him slapping me in the face (i think it was a distraction tactic)... and later on that night he also wrestled Dan to the floor, probably because Dan played a Bon Jovi record, but i'm not sure.

anyway, that's all irrelevant, what i really wanted to say was that you should listen to John's new track because it's excellent, he calls him self The Owl Box and his latest music track is called 'OwlBoxFive demo' and it's on his myspace page...

also, if you get a chance, you should have a look at his D.I.Y label Ilya & Emilia Projects that he runs with his lovely lady friend Holly, who is sometimes known as Baby Grand.  If you're feeling really adventurous then you might even want to buy their latest release 'For Example', which is a collection of Norwich based music makers, my self included.