Monday, 14 April 2008

Ciat Lonbarde

Here is something else that I made on a table... it's a
Ciat-Lonbarde 'Fourses' instrument.  You can buy them as a kit and put them together your self, and as long as you can hold a soldering iron and read instructions then it's not that hard.

It's a pretty bizarre instrument, it screams and squeaks all kind of wonderful electronic gibberish.  Since i built it about two years ago I've been on a mission to tame it's madness, mostly through building various sequencing devices for it, the most successful of these was based upon this running light sequencer which once i adapted it slightly managed to make the Fourses do some sort of electro rhythms reminiscent of sounds from Radioactive Man's excellent Body Trap album.  I also use the Fourses hooked up to a hacked TR626, they seem to get along quite nicely and the 626 can act as a midi clock master which is handy if you want to use the Fourses for things that stay in time...

 The guy who runs/is Ciat Lonbarde is called Peter, I met him when i was in New York once at the Bent Festival ..I didn't talk to him for long, but I got the impression that we were probably from different planets... I have a massive amount of respect for him though, he making some of the most beautiful and  innovative electronic instruments I've ever seen/heard.