Tuesday, 5 July 2011


EDIT: There's a gap there, that was a gig in Bristol (that gig has now moved to a date in November, I'll put full details up on my next gig-related blog post). AND there's also a new date in Copenhagen, back to the dark bar...

Here's a list of my upcoming gigs. Two gigs in one night on October 1st should be fun. Also, the Granada gig is the gig that should have happened earlier this year but couldn't because of the strikes they had in Spain. Melkweg again too for ADE, really looking forwards to that, it's going to be an amazing line up that night. Plus adventures to France, Russia and Poland... awesome! :)

Fri. 15.07.11 Rex Club Paris, France
Fri. 22.07.11 Ferma Festival near by Moscow, Russia
Fri. 12.08.11 Strandclub de Karavaan, Den Haag, Netherlands
Sun. 14.08.11 Baleapop # 2 Gu├ęthary, France
Sat. 01.10.11 London UK (with james holden and kate wax)

Fri. 14.10.11 Dunkel Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark (with james holden)
Sat. 22.10.11 Border Community @ Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sat. 29.10.11 Industrial Copera, Granada, Spain
Fri. 04.11.11 After Audioriver @ 1500m2 do wynajecia Warsaw, Poland