Thursday, 9 December 2010

NEW SINGLE, 24/01/2011.

YES. THAT IS CORRECT. So, Christmas and new years eve and all that stuff where you get fat and drunk is going to happen first, but as soon as that's out the window and all you've got left is the cold reality of 2011, something magical will appear... namely, the release of my TRANS FOREST ALIGNMENT single, the title track of which you will already know if you have been listening to Holkham Drones, but what you won't know yet are the two MAGICAL remixes and the one BRAND NEW TRACK that you haven't ever heard of, unless you've read about it already somewhere else on the internet, like on twitter, or some other kind of paragraph-free communication tool that shortens your attention span... Anyway, the single will be a download blah blah, and also a fantastic 12" vinyl record that you can touch and hold and look at without the need to stare at a screen of any kind other than the screen of reality that is in your mind.


GAVIN RUSSOM (synth-wizard of DFA fame and generally-magical multifaceted and artistically minded man with great hair) has provided us with a remix that is ten new flavours of awesome. There is a really good video-interview with Gavin on the internet (which you can probably find without me giving you a link), it's worth watching so you can see how much of a real life wizard he is. I wish I was as much of a wizard as he is, but at best I am a man that stands in the background trying to understand the wizard and who makes tea and sits down a lot.

ROCKETNUMBERNINE (who are an amazing live act and who have recently released a hugely-brilliant record on Kieran Hebden's uber cool TEXT label) have made a progtastic wonder-meal of a remix that moves like a horse in the dead of winter running towards a mythological spire of light on hooves of fear and gold. That's right, I'm highlighting written language's inability to accurately convey anything of substance about the subjective qualities of music by providing you with increasingly ludicrous mental imagery. Suck it up. The fact is that if you want to discover anything of worth about music of any kind, you're going to have to stop reading other people's opinions that are posted all over the internet with a grossly unnecessary sense of self-importance, and imagine some thoughts of your own with nothing but your ears and your mind-powers. Like ROCKET#9 and GAVIN do every day. Probably.

AND ONE LAST THING. As well as those two remixes there's a new track of my own on the record. It is called A CAUCUS RACE, which is an intentionally provocative Lewis Carroll reference, go and work it out. It's a track that I decided not to put on Holkham Drones due to it's unsustainable frivolity and it's general lack of clandestine arrogance. Although it does have one of the best snare drum sounds of any track I've ever made, and a bass line, yeah, an actual bass line like normal dance music often has.

You can buy it on the 24th January 2011 and temporarily escape from the mundane depression of the first three months of the new year. That's the end of my opinion-based blog post about my new single, which was written with a grossly unnecessary sense of self-importance. I apologise for going on too long and not bullet-pointing the important bits, but I'm jet-lagged to within an inch of my mind right now.