Monday, 14 June 2010

H O N E Y C O M B . E P


Out today on AMAZING SOUNDS is my new ep. You can buy it as a download, or you can find it on (very limited - 500 only) 12" Vinyl in a record shop.

Here's a brief description of the tracks;

Honeycomb - James has played it out quite a bit, it's got some nice noise on it and a nice synth arpeggio part too. I was working on this track at the same time as I was doing 'Little Wonderment' from my last BC record, so the tracks (in my mind at least) are from the same brain place. Also, there's a clap sound in it, which I don't do very often, so enjoy it for the three or four bars it's around for.

113 - The synths from this are from a quasi-generative synth/sequencer patch I made in Reaktor, and the drums were the last thing I recorded with my xBase09 before I sold it to Nathan.

Present - Made with my SidStation and 4 drum samples very quickly, kind of a empty gesture musically speaking, but play this in a club and people melt. You only live once, sometimes you've just got to turn the volume up and dance.

Schmitt Swell - A collection of homemade schmitt trigger oscillators droning away. If you ever want to build your own oscillators then schmitt trigger's are a good place to starts because they're easy and cheap, and they can sound pretty amazing.

RIGHT, I'm off to make a coffee.