Wednesday, 19 November 2008

In other news....

I have rid my self of all urges to live in a forest with a MachineDrum... and have instead decided to challenge James' modular system with a system of my own. It has been said that the wonderful thing about modular systems is that individual modules are undetectable by girlfriends, so I'm looking forward to navigating my way down a slippery path that will eventually end in growing a beard and a belly, and wearing flip-flops and a cardigan. And maybe even making some music.

Before I open the flood gates on that one though I've got to finish building my x0xb0x... Word of advise, if you ever buy one of these kits make sure you get them to put the USB chip on for you... surface mounted chips are horrible to solder. But I'm almost done, I should finish it tonight providing I don't have to do any washing up or cooking or anything. I can't wait to hook it up to my tr606 and get early acid-house all over the living room.