Wednesday, 1 October 2008

James' Radiohead Remix

James already put on his blog about his Radiohead remix, but just incase you didn't see that, then you should check it out here.  I really like it because it's got a really loose feel about it, I think that James is going to spearhead a new movement of post-techno psychedelic something in the near future and we're all going to be dancing to the sound of hamster feet walking on contact mics, and I'm going to try and join in, but first i've got to grow my hair, it almost makes me want to burn incense sticks and hang out with people called 'badger' and eat seeds, but I'm not quite there yet...  anyway, apart from the awesome vocal treatment, my favorite thing about the track is that when i listen to it on my old c.r.t eMac at work, the screen has wobbly black lines that run across everything when the bass drum kicks... how wonderful is that??!!

(edit: oh look, you can insert the player/voter widget thing...)