Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Boy Love Girl ep

Shameless plug for the newest BC record, Ricardo Tobar is back with a new ep! WOOOH!

All four tracks are great, but I like 'Psprf Frame' the best, it's really fuzzy and has that just-keeping-it-together feeling that reminds me of trying to maintain a sense of reality when you find yourself approaching Sunday morning from the wrong direction... mmmm... you can buy the ep as mp3's from the Border Community web site, or if you're feeling adventurous then you can go to a real record shop and buy it on vinyl and appreciate the super brilliant artwork by
Boris Zelenkevich.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who came to Nottingham on Thursday and Ginglik on Saturday... Nottingham was good fun, but turned into a very late and very drunken night for me and Dan... which in turn caused me to wake up with a temperature and the shakes whilst trying to sleep it off (again) on Friday night, which left me in a less than capable state for the gig on Saturday, but i gritted my teeth and went for it anyway, and good job i did because the gig was great fun despite me being frighteningly close to fainting for the first half hour... and the the Sonic Cathedral gig that James and Ricardo did on Sunday was also awesome, you should absolutely make an effort to catch Ricardo's live set while he's over here doing a tour with James!