Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Creative Cloud Collective - 21st June

The Creative Cloud Collective are a bunch of creative types who are making a film called Under/Over The Clouds... it looks like it's going to be a bit of visual treat in the Terry Gilliam dream sequence vein.  They are having a preview of the first half of their film at Ginglik in Shepherd's Bush and they've kindly invited me to play.
The night looks like it's going to be a bit of an audio/visual treat with a diverse selection of music and video artists due to perform.  I'm going to be doing my set accompanied by Mr Teledisco doing pictures.. and he's promised me that he'll be premiering his latest investment for the performance.

Anyway, after the gig at The End last weekend I can't wait to have another go on a big PA system, so 21st June at Ginglik