Wednesday, 23 April 2008


...bleep tonight, for the people of Norwich, a tec-lo-elctr-ance-aci-tro-d night of fun.  also playing is 'luke's anger', and there will be some visual entertainment from my mate teledisco (aka dan) and others...  

the flyer says that i solder together 8bit electro against a backdrop of industrial beats, which i don't think i do, so for the sake of accurate billing i will be working in 24bit, i will not have a soldering iron with me and I promise not to get as industrial as bjork did when i went to see her show in london at the weekend. (it was great btw, best bit was mark bell dropping into 'freak' at the end of 'hyperballad' and the lasers in 'army of me' were pretty cool too, it was all a bit war of the worlds.)